Expanded Consciousness

Dr. Rebecca S. Valla specializes in expanded consciousness approaches to psychiatryOnce we “remember who we really are”, that is, spiritual beings on eternal journeys, we begin to accept that there are “real” events, experiences, and aspects of “knowing” that do not belong to the “material” world.

There are now, and have been since ancient times, prophets and healers who have abilities that are extraordinary; that seem mysterious; even miraculous. Some of these individuals seem to have had extraordinary capabilities since early childhood; others seem to have “developed” their gifts after serious illness or injury or even NDE’s. Along with their powerful insights, teachings, and techniques for our health and wellbeing on Earth, they collectively assure us that we each have a greater capacity for “knowing” on an intuitive level, and for tuning in to the invisible, energetic world that is both within and without our physical bodies. This includes mystics, psychics, practitioners of many different healing arts, as well as medical doctors of the Western world who practice the art, not just the science of medicine.

In order for each of us to make good use of these choices and possibilities in our own lives and the lives of those we love, we must individually find a way to discern what is in our best interest, and that requires tuning into our own “sixth sense” capacities. Each of us is a seer; a wise one; an enlightened being (if we choose to awaken to this potential).

One of the authors whose book I recommend as being worthwhile reading is coming out with a second edition as an ebook—Nina Shoroplova. She writes, “I didn’t feel the ebook community had a fair opportunity to read Trust the Mystery the first time around. Now that I have a Kindle myself, I really understand the appeal of reading ebooks. So I’ve revised my original manuscript, simplified the formatting for ebooks, and changed the full title to Trust the Mystery: Raising Self-Awareness through Questions, Quotes, and Quantum Wisdom. I will be bringing it out as a second edition through Amazon’s Kindle platform on January 25. It’s somewhere around 94,000 words, so it’ll be in the $9.99 USD price range and on at the reduced price of $2.99 for the first five days.”

Trust the Mystery couples engaging storytelling with provocative quotes and questions to inspire readers into observing and reflecting on their own journey with greater self-awareness. Readers find their unique, essential place within the mystery.

Shoroplova’s simple, personal stories explore emotions, senses, and energies | the chakras | the mind and all its layers | the word and the interpreter | quantum physics, the Fibonacci Sequence, and sacred geometry | divination tools | alternative healing modalities | paranormal activities, intuition, and synchronicity.

Shoroplova challenges her readers to engage with the mystery through time, talent, and treasure | people, processes, and products | writing, righting, and riting | body, mind, and soul | dis-ease, ease, and wholeness.

Shoroplova is running a virtual book tour from January 9 until January 27, 2017 and will be hopping from one destination to the next. More information is available on her website at Virtual Book Tour Schedule.

To learn more, please visit NinaShoroplova.ca | TrusttheMystery.ca | Twitter@healthy_Nina | LinkedIn Nina Shoroplova | Facebook Author Page FB.com/AuthorNinaShoroplova. And sign up for her Whole Health on Purpose newsletter (sign up is on the front page of ninashoroplova.ca ), in exchange for the first chapter of Trust the Mystery (second edition) as a pdf.