Rebecca S. Valla MD assists clients with questions of reincarnationAfter reading accounts of NDE’s and seeing what teachings are brought back for the benefit of all of us (not just the experiencer), it becomes obvious that we don’t just live this one lifetime.

This opens up such meaningful insights into why each of us has chosen to come now, and for what purpose? We certainly don’t start out in this life with the same talents as each of our contemporaries, and we don’t have an “equal opportunity” early environment or family circumstances. We start down our given paths, mostly having forgotten who or where we have been in previous lifetimes. (Although research shows that many children do recall being “here”(on Earth) before, but most gradually forget these memories).

Understanding of the “return and rebirth” cycle of reincarnation allows us to see that our “essence” or our soul, lives on, and this is each of our birthright, as far as we can tell. We do not have to “earn” a place in the hereafter, and neither do we “get away with” negligence and suffering that we create while here. We are held accountable for our choices, and we are constantly assisted by spiritual presences both “here” and “there”, who seek to help us find our way toward alignment with our highest selves, our “soul selves”. We never stop this unfolding of our potential, and what we learn, we do not have to relearn.